OneVillage Agency - Helping You Stay at the Forefront of the Industry, Always

At OneVillage Agency, we remain focused on offering value-driven strategies and personalized solutions to cater to the evolving needs of nonprofit organizations.

Our Story:

Asad Raza launched his agency with a clear purpose, driven by the impact of a project he delivered during the pandemic. He created an online portal for an Alaskan borough to automate federal relief fund applications. This streamlined process validated data, enhanced efficiency, and helped distribute over one million dollars to a remote community of 1,000+ households spread across 40,000 square miles. This project reinforced the importance of bridging the gap between traditional and digital approaches, leading him to decide to focus on leveraging data and technology to empower nonprofits.

Our Mission:

To empower nonprofits through cutting-edge technology, data insights, and tailored consulting, strengthening their capabilities and resolving challenges across every niche and size.

Our Vision:

To lead the industry, empowering nonprofits to amplify their impact through innovative digital solutions. We aspire for 'One Village' to be the instant choice for those seeking promising digital tools.

Why Us?

We believe teamwork makes a dream work. By combining technical expertise, creativity, and imaginative power, we only offer the best to our clients.

Engage your audience in your campaigns with tailor-made concepts and strategies that resonate with your nonprofit’s unique mission.

Elevate your brand identity and generate more leads by leveraging our expertise in strategic marketing and impactful storytelling.

We are dedicated to consistently measuring your performance and reimagining ideas to drive continuous growth and success.

Stay ahead of the curve by partnering with a team that is constantly innovating your approach to marketing, ensuring freshness and effectiveness.

Set ambitious goals for fundraising and volunteer programs, and achieve them with a meticulously crafted and solid plan tailored to your nonprofit’s aspirations.

By building a robust online presence, we not only enhance your visibility but also help you establish meaningful partnerships with leading organizations to further support your cause.

The A-Team at OneVillage Agency

We don’t make grand promises or boast about moving mountains overnight. Instead, we focus on diligently translating your vision into reality. At OneVillage Agency, consider us your dedicated digital and consulting partner.

Asad Raza - Lead Developer at OneVillage Agency
Asad Raza
Principle, Lead Developer
Fontana, CA.
Asad Bandeali - Social Impact Consultant, Designer, Coach at OneVillage Agency
Asad Bandeali
Social Impact Consultant, Designer, Coach
Anaheim, CA.
Haseeb Rizvi
Creative Director, Digital Strategist
Victorville, CA.
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